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The Head Quarter of SURENDRANAGAR UNIVERSITY is be located at Shree Pandit Nathulalji Vyas Campus, Nr. 66 KW GETCO Sub Station, Wadhawan- Kothariya Road, Wadhavan-363030, Surendranagar. SURENDRANAGAR UNIVERSITY Head Quarters, Main Administrative Building, Examination and Confidential Department, and future Educational programmes will be start at this campus. The University would come equipped with cutting-edge infrastructure and all modern amenities, making it one of its kinds throughout the nation.

SURENDRANAGAR UNIVERSITY spread over 23877 Sq. Mts. of prime land and built up area of 17541 Sq. Mts. has an equally grand and well maintained green top play-ground with flowering trees and bushes all around, making it one of the best lush green campuses in city.

The majestic building open space and green lawns, well designed sports area, play park for younger students and indoor games areas, make for a world class learning infrastructure. The health centre, large auditorium, the facilities make the campus quite comfortable and conducive to learning.

President Message

Mr. Indrasinh S. Zala

(Founder & President)

  • Education could not only eradicate illiteracy from the country, but could also be used as an effective tool for social change and economic growth. It is believed that education is necessary for the people to develop themselves, to be cultured and to acquire adequate knowledge, skills and attitude in the varied areas to be successful at social, technological, personal and professional fronts. It is education which is detrimental for one's growth and development. It is the only way to enthuse people with confidence and live a respectful life.

    With the above stated belief about education and with the sole vision of progress, Hon. lndrasinh started indeed extra ordinary efforts in its unique way of seeing future generation reflecting knowledge, skills, courage, rationality, attitude, self-confidence and self-respect. He continuously promoted the growth of socio-cultural institutions in highly practical and appropriate manner to serve the objective.

    The experience of more than 16 years in education with technical background, Mr. lndrasinh becomes a pioneer who has implemented modern technologies and is acknowledged for bringing the transformation in education that highlights a philanthropic educationalist in Surendrnagar District, Gujarat. Playing a key role in the society to eradicate illiteracy, he not only brought Euro Kids, an internationally renowned pre-school in Surendranagar and introduced western science through the English language but at the same time also make Arts, Indian Philosophy, languages and sports the major instruments to bring the required change.

    Described as one of the leading thinkers ill education; he promoted modern technologies, methods and system for higher studies like Computer, Management, Commerce and Science stream affiliated with Regional Universities. His remarkable efforts, clear vision and modest technical methods of development have earned 1" rank in Saurashtra University.

    As a technical expert, he promoted technical institute namely, Shree Pandit Nathulalji Vyas Technical Campus with courses like Diploma Engineering, Degree and Master of Engineering, MBA etc. in Surendranagar district affiliated with state renowned university GTU(Gujarat Technological University) and approved by AICTE- New Delhi.

    The enduring vision, the impeccable endeavors, daunting courage and iron-will to bring transformation in the modern education system has fetched hi m much fame and reverence in Surendranagar District.

Director Message

Mrs. Preeti (Shivangi) I. Zala

(Co-Founder & Director)

To strengthen our education system, a more revolutionary approach with integrated planning is the need of the hour, wherein, the function of education is primarily to teach one to think analytically, creatively and critically and develop harmoniously with intelligence plus character-being the goal of education.

Since 2004, Mrs. Shivangi Zala took the directorship of Sanskruti School of Thought and Euro Kids with her unique endeavors, validating the effect ofparadigrn shift in modern education system in Surendranagar district. She believes that education, if looked at beyond its conventional boundaries, forms the very essence of all our actions. What we do is what we know and have learned, either through instructions or through observations and assimilation of knowledge.

With her Bachelor of English Literature, she has successfully tried to establish a system that empowers the pupils, helping them in realizing their true potential, thus, making character strong enough to look after their self in any given situation. As a whole, people can bring about development only when they know where improvement is necessary for the greater good of mankind. Her belief is that education helps us understand ourselves better; it helps us realize our potential and qualities as a real human being. It helps us to tap into the latent talent, so that we may be able to sharpen our skills.

With experience of more than 12 years in education, she has developed such a system at Sanskruti School of Thoughts, which parents have also become the permanent partners for their children’s development. A permanent bonding with the staff and long-lasting relation with the parents is her invaluable contribution. She believes that education is a lifelong process that prepares the students to adapt, adjust and evolve helping them to acquire knowledge, skills and attitude to be the responsible citizens of the world. That belief helps her to have a prominent place in the hearts of the parents, children and the staff alike as well as in Surendranagar district as an educationalist. Her elevation to prominence in such a short span can be attributed to her strong will power, caliber, conviction, dedication and leadership quality.




A leading Institution to be benchmarked with design-centric Research & bonafide Innovation. The Institution to provide Competent Leaders with Global Perspective. The Institution to perpetuate academic excellence  and promote knowledge-based spectrum. The Institution to enhance practical relevance of Research & Development. The Institution to contribute substantially to the rapid industrial and economic growth of the nation


The Institution to provide education par excellence and thoroughly professional training with its state-of-the-art facilities. The Institution to create an environment for students where they always explore, discover and apply. The Institution to craft, establish and sustain the futuristic infrastructure such as Technology Incubation Centre, Software Development Park, e- Training Facility, Hi-Tech Textile Design Centre. The institution to build a creative bond with industries, societies, intellectual bodies that share same myopic goals and broader objectives and responsibilities. The institution to establish an academic collaboration with reputed International institutions. The institution to always believe in improving positive work culture and acting upon the code of conduct.